Plume 4.60

Bring a little color to your tweets

Plume is an attractive, multi-featured Twitter client. View full description


  • Fully featured
  • Nice customization options
  • Tweeting is very easy


  • Some problems with older data

Very good

Plume is an attractive, multi-featured Twitter client.

Android users are really spoiled for choice when it comes to Twitter apps, but nobody can object to a new client when it is as good Plume. It really does have everything you would expect, from multi-account support to all the usual retweeting, direct messaging and reply functions.

Using Plume is very intuitive. Tap a tweet for more options, or hit the bottom toolbar for more features. It's also down here that you'll be able to access search, lists and trending topics, while more ample range of technical options are to be found in the settings menu.

Plume is also very customizable. There are color options for everything, from the app interface to the color of individual users' tweets and links, while you can also tweak a wide variety of other options. There is an internal browser in Plume so you don't have to launch a separate browser for links.

Tweeting with Plume is also very easy - there's a built-in link shortener and add hashtags and @ symbols in a tap. The app also allows photo sharing through other services like Lockerz, TwitPic, Posterous, and others.

Using Plume was a very enjoyable experience, but there seemed to be a bit of an issue displaying older direct mentions and tweets. We also thought that changing between accounts was a more buggy than it should be. Even so, this little app is has a lot to recommend it, and if you haven't yet found the perfect Twitter app for your Android, you'd be mad not to give it a try.

Plume is a fun, flexible and multi-colored Twitter application for your Android phone.


  • fix missing columns bug
  • fix volume key scrolling


Plume 4.60